Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day To Everyone Who Reads This.I Think If Martin Luther King Jr. Was alive Today He Would Be Disappointed In Alot Of Us.How We As A Black Community Dont Look Out For Each Other But Instead It Is A ”Every Man For Himself” Type of community.Where Black Gangs Still Thrive, The So Called Gangster Mentallity Is Still Around.But let us Remember Martin Luther King Jr. For every Thing He Scarficed So That Black People Could get Some Type Of equality,but not only Martin Luther King Jr. ,Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and many other black heros that sacrificed their lifes for what we have now. And If You Dont Know who Im Talking About You aleast Have To Know This Famous quote”I Have A Dream”. So In Conclusion Martin Luther King Jr. We All Ways Be Remembered And Never Forgotten. 

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Its That Time Again New Years in other words 2012.The Year That You Swear Shit Is  Going To Change,No More BS,No More Cheating,No More BabyMamas,ect.-__-….Stop LYING!!!!!!But If You’re Going To Change Dnt Let It Be Because of A New Year,let It Be Because You Want To Be A Better Person.Well Thats All Untill Next Time!!!!!!!!!!

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Keep Yo Bad Ass Kids!!!! >=[

Ok if its one thing I hate its parents who dont know how to raise their badass kids.Now everybody has had there run-ins with some badass kids.This is my story,now every time around christmas my mom’s job has a christmas breakfast for the employees family.Now my mom’s cousin “LuLu” has three kids and one of the kids has a kid so thats 4 kids all together.Now we already knew these kids were bad already from past experiences.But at the christmas breakfast it seemed like these kids had made a full 360 turn around and became good. “Hell No!!”.So for some reason that is still unknown my mom let “LuLu” kids spend the night at our house(Wrong Move).So as soon as these kids get here all hell breaks loose.They start running around,Jumping on shit,screaming.Now thats the shit that gets to me,(Parents please tell me if you got badass kids,this way I can tell you to your damn face im not watching your fucking kids).Then she left these mofo’s with hardly any food(she left mini cupcakes,and poptarts….-__-).WTF!!! who the fuck are you feeding with that,understand that they are staying for more then one day.So that must mean after the cupcakes and poptarts are done with thats where our food comes into play….And let me tell you food over here is scares.So in conclusion teach your kids how to act or nobody’s going to watch them.Simple as that….

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Dont Spit Game At My Fucking Mom!!!!!!!!!

Ok So today I got a haircut.Nothing out of the ordinary happens when I get a haircut.Not today,as im walking out of the barbershop some guy is trying to spit game at my mom. Now I dont know about anybody else but I take that shit as disrespect. You trying to spit game at my mom means you have a goal. And that goal is to FUCK MY MOM……………………EWWWWW. Dont get me wrong If the guy was acceptable then I wouldnt have had a problem with it, but this dude looked like a straight crackhead/gay guy. So yeah My Mom just got hit on by a Gay Crackhead. I Be damned If I have a Gay Crackhead for a Stepdad. Im just saying if you are going to spit game at my mom atleast you could give me $20 before you do it thats all………..

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Smooth As Uncle(Chilled Mode)

So most of you guys dont know my uncle. At times he can be a douche bag out of nowhere and I mean OUT OF NOWHERE. But this post is about the calmed side of this guy. Now I wasnt sure but now Ive confirmed it this dude is the most calm and relaxed person when talking to his bitches. I say this because Yesterday he asked me to go to BESTBUY with him so I went(Fearing If I said No I was gonna get hit in the chest by this 260 pound black bear). On the way there he gets a phone call, now any normal person would pick up the phone and talk on it.NOOOOO!!! this guy plugs up his phone to his radio so that it plays on speaker phone(I didnt know we were cool like that but whatever).So Im just praying that he or she doesnt say anything that I dont want to hear. This includes(Dicks,pussy,Butt,ect…)Anything of that nature. Well I guess good was looking out for me and they weren’t. Now regular people speak in a normal tone, but thats not what he did. He hosted a whole conversation in a low whisper voice. I coulda swore I was in the car with berry white(In a depressed State). I guess It Just shocked me because this nigga can snap at any minute. And for that he earned the (COOL MUTHAFUCKA AWARD):0

Now if any of you knows what qualifies you for this award please tell me in the comment.

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Who Got My Shit!!!!!

So today my phone got stolen.And untill now I had a lazy perspective on life thinking that would never happen to me.It just proves that we live in a world where you cant afford to leave your guard down.Where it be love,money,family,friends,or in my case a phone.But I guess everything happens for a reason and im not gonna lose any sleep over something so minor.I just cant seem to wrap my mind around that shit,like what makes people think that this shit is cool cause it sure like hell isnt.But whatever im done talking about this shit so untill next time

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Loner Blues :^/

Traveling alone no doubt it gets lonely…you embrace what others try so hard to get away from…you learn to love the quietness because thats all you know…others are frighten away but you are drawn to it…not a drug but you should be in rehab for it…people ask why but you dont have an answer to give them…lonelyness never hurt your feelings…broke your heart…called you names…its always had your back…the quietness only drowns out reality…but will it ever end….do you want it to end….only you can decide…will you choose the right choice…not what everybody tells you….but truely the right choice…I….CHOOSE…………………………………………………………………….NO

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